Under section 19 and 20 of  the Veterinary Surgeons act 1966 it is a legal requirement that veterinary permission is in place before an animal is treated by a physiotherapist.  

Please download a consent form and make sure that it is filled out correctly before your appointment date. 

Initial Assessment (90 Minutes): If I have not seen your animal before I will expect to have received a completed veterinary consent form prior to the appointment. If I do not receive this I will not be able to treat the animal. The animal should be clean, dry and ready for the allocated appointment time. To start I will complete a comprehensive assessment including; clinical case history, static and dynamic analysis and musculoskeletal palpation. Based on the findings of this assessment I will then complete a treatment / rehabilitation plan specifically tailored for yours and your animals needs. I will then collate a report for yourselves and your veterinarian to read. 

Routine Treatment (45 - 60 Minutes): If I have seen your animal before then it will be classed as a routine treatment. During these treatments I will continue to reassess your animal for changes. These sessions will include treatments such as; manual therapies (massage and stretching), electrotherapies (photo therapy unit), temperature therapies and remedial exercises. Finally I will write a short report on the sessions activities. 

*Horses may require time off after their treatment sessions so please take this into account when booking. 

Please Note: All treatment and rehabilitation that is carried out during the sessions are only part of the whole story. Owner compliance and interaction will be essential in achieving the best outcome for your animal. This holistic approach may include recommended; home, lifestyle and environmental changes, alongside home treatments and exercises.